Electronics Retail Chatbot Case Study

Apple Messages for Business Bot with Shopify integration as an additional direct-to-consumer (D2C) channel

In partnership with Infobip, we developed and deployed a chatbot solution with a Generative AI component for an electronics manufacturer. Their go-to-market strategy involves direct-to-consumer sales and partnerships with established retailers, focusing on user-friendly interfaces and innovative features. This is why the company aimed to enhance their clients’ experience and drive sales as well as customer support via an on-website chatbot for iOS device owners.

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  • 80%

    average CSAT score
  • 84%

    engaged session rate
  • ~300$

    average order value


How did we help the company prove the value of chatbots for their business and launch an effective direct-to-consumer communication channel?

The global electronics manufacturer decided to experiment and validate the value of an on-website bot for their business as an additional D2C communication channel. The project was time-sensitive as the company aimed to deploy the newly developed bot before Black Friday promotions to generate more revenue during the peak season.

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What We Created

Master of Code created a chatbot with Shopify integration to streamline the purchase process and enhance customer satisfaction

In collaboration with our partner Infobip, the MOCG team developed an Apple Messages for Business chatbot to help the company level up their interactions with end-users, boost sales, and elevate buyers’ experience.

Our chatbot serves as a virtual shopping assistant, engaging customers in real-time conversations. We also integrated Generative AI to allow the tool to understand customer queries, making product recommendations that align with their specific needs and preferences. Moreover, it adeptly responds to a diverse array of product-related questions.

Integrating seamlessly with the website’s e-commerce platform — Shopify, the bot facilitates a smooth and efficient purchase process. It guides consumers through product selections, offers detailed information, and assists with checkout, reducing cart abandonment rates. Furthermore, the solution provides users with an option to talk to a human agent. This way, buyers can get direct responses to their non-standard or very specific queries from a qualified manager.

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We delivered the assistant in time to let the company generate more revenue from Black Friday campaigns. By providing an interactive and convenient shopping experience, the chatbot significantly boosts customer engagement, which translates into higher conversion rates and sales.

With the help of our AI bot, the end-user can easily do the following:

  • Search for the best-fitting products
  • Get instant answers to a diverse array of product-related queries
  • Discover additional information on any item
  • View and edit the cart without leaving the chat
  • See active discounts and special offers

Technologies We Leveraged

  • Bip Infobip
  • shopify Shopify
  • Apple Messages for Business Apple Messages
    for Business


  • 80%

    average CSAT score
  • 84%

    engaged session rate
  • ~300$

    average order value

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