AI-Powered Conversational Solutions

We partner with the world's leading companies to design and develop conversational experiences. Let us help you connect your brand with customers where they communicate today. Chat or voice.

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Leverage the Power of Generative AI Chatbots to Revolutionize Your Customer Experience

At Master of Code, we are experts in leveraging Generative AI to create immersive experiences that engage your customers. Let us help you harness the power of Generative AI to automate your customer service operations, faster and more efficiently than ever before, with minimal development.

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Scale your business with Conversational AI

Whether you already have a chatbot solution in place, or still curious if the conversational AI is right for you, Master of Code is here to help.


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Chatbot ROI Calculator

Run the numbers with our Chatbot ROI Calculator and get estimated results of the return you could get from implementing conversational AI across your business.


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Chatbot Analysis Framework

Test your conversational AI solution against our Chatbot Analysis Framework. We share our chatbots benchmarks and best practices that drive conversation, ROI, and engagement.


Use cases

  • Customer support

    • Claims & Escalations
    • Appointment Booking
    • Search/Find Information
    • Live Agents Handoff
    • Feedback
    • FAQ
  • Business process automation

    • Knowledge Base Integration
    • AI-Powered Sales CRM
    • Workflow Management
    • Travel Management
    • HR Virtual Assistant
    • Scheduling
    • Service Desk
    • Assistant
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  • Conversational commerce

    • Upsell/Direct Response Marketing
    • Appointment Booking
    • Product Catalogue
    • Virtual Marketplace
    • Lead Generation
    • Brand Promotion
    • Scheduling
    • Advertising

All these use cases are applicable for the following industries