Biotechnology Company Chatbot Case Study

Internal communication platform to connect support agents with their supervisors

We’ve started 2024 with a new insightful project: the implementation of a digital solution for a Fortune 500 enterprise. They stand at the forefront of supplying critical products and services to the biopharma, healthcare, education, government, and high-tech materials industries. Operating globally, the company reaches 300,000+ customer locations and maintains extensive links with research labs in more than 180 countries.


How did we help the company smoothly transfer their internal communication channel for support agents to an advanced platform?

The leading American biotechnology and pharmaceutical service provider aimed to upgrade their tool for internal communication by transferring it to a new flexible system, utilizing recent tech advancements. The solution was aimed to help support agents get instant advice or consultation from their more experienced colleagues for fast customer query resolution. This way, the company intended to cut wait times and provide more qualified help in urgent cases when basic information is insufficient and senior managers are unavailable. The pain point for the company was to keep all the features from the previous solution while shifting to a new technology.

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What We Created

Master of Code finetuned and transferred to the new system a chatbot for internal help requests from customer support agents

Master of Code created a chatbot for in-house customer support teams to get instant help from their supervisors. Our development team implemented the solution on our partner’s cutting-edge platform by customizing widgets and making them similar by flow and features to the previous system the company used. We also smoothly integrated this solution with their existing CRM system — SAP C4C, considering all its peculiarities.

The software allows saving each query detail, as well as agents’ data like name and employment period for senior managers to be aware of the background and provide qualified help. What’s more important, the solution is flexible, so the number and types of saved fields may be easily customized according to the current business objectives. In addition, the chatbot can gather feedback from both participants to track whether the communication was useful and successful.

Our developers considered all the tech nuances and the company’s previous experience to make this transition to new technologies as smooth and intuitive as possible. As a result, we got excellent feedback during the live demo and positive comments from all the stakeholders involved. This project set the stage for further fruitful collaboration with our new partner.

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How will this solution benefit the business?

  • Instant support for new employees

  • Faster query resolution

  • Cut wait times for global clients

  • Better customer support KPI results

Technologies We Leveraged

  • icon

    HTML Mashup

  • icon

    SAP C4C


  • 300,000+

    customer locations benefit from faster query resolution
  • 6+

    industries related to science and healthcare get instant and qualified support
  • 1st

    project utilizing this technology that has been completed by MOCG

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