Conversational AI in Ecommerce and Retail

Change the way your business assist, interact and serve your customers with AI-powered ecommerce chatbot. Conversational AI can help consumers discover your products, simplify the purchase process, get the relevant information about the order and resolve their issues.

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of ecommerce buyers chat to buy primarily via social and messaging platforms


of customers require some sort of assistance to complete an online purchase


conversational commerce shoppers message with brands for personalized advice

Why Conversational Commerce


Provides self-service across popular channels, endpoints, and IVRs.


Provides new sources of data on customer behavior, language, and engagement.


Requires minimal upfront investment, deploys rapidly, and quickly reduces support costs.


Delivers responses in seconds and eliminates wait times. Faster case resolution.

Conversational Commerce Use Cases

  • Сustomer Acquisition
  • Sales Conversion
  • Cart Abandonment
  • Payment
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Personalized Customer Experience
  • Customer Support
Сustomer Acquisition

Ecommerce chatbots act as an outstanding tool for lead generation in the online stores. Virtual assistants using intelligent cues are able to engage strangers on your website, app or social media in a conversation and convert them into customers.


Of ecommerce buyers chat to buy primarily via social and messaging platforms.

Source: Facebook
Sales Conversion

At the stage of making a purchase decision, consumers have many questions. It is virtual assistants who can make it easier to get answers 24/7, help with finding alternatives or product reviews, and do their best to nudge the customer towards making a purchase.


Of customers require some sort of assistance to complete an online purchase

Source: Forbes
Minimize Cart Abandonment

A chatbot for conversational commerce reduces the likelihood of rejection by actively engaging visitors in a conversation they might find interesting,  convincing customers to return to their carts and converting them into buying customers. Acting like a persevering human sales manager, a virtual assistant answers customers’ questions about products they are considering buying.


the average cart abandonment rate across all industries

Source: Sleeknote

Ecommerce AI Chatbot can be integrated with your back-end systems to complete the uninterrupted transaction experience as a part of the conversational flow. Chatbots ensure encrypted and properly secured transactions due to the use of the top technology stack.


Of consumers use conversational marketing tools for purchases

Source: Startupbonsai
Improve Customer Satisfaction

Сommunications powered by AI significantly increase customer satisfaction, which leads to repeat purchases and the possibility of additional sales in the future. This is so, since e-commerce virtual assistants are available 24/7 to resolve about 80% or more of inbound queries that brands receive.


Avg. chatbot satisfaction rate from chats with bots

Source: Livechat
Personalized Omnichannel Customer Experience

By keeping all customer data in one place, chatbots for conversational commerce can proactively recommend timely and relevant offers based on customer preferences and actions which is a key factor in building long-term customer relationships and encouraging repeat purchases.


Conversational commerce shoppers message with brands for personalized advice

Source: Facebook
Customer Support

More and more ecommerce customers prefer to contact a virtual assistant when it comes to order tracking, returns and cancellations, payment issues, and more. E-commerce chatbots can quickly and seamlessly resolve customer’s queries from start to finish, significantly reducing operating costs and increase containment rate by 30% to 60%.


Conversations in retail can be automated with chatbots

Source: Liveperson

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