Voice-Based Chatbots: Secrets to Increased Sales and Satisfied Customers

calendar November 21, 2023
Mykyta Fomenko
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Voice-Based Chatbots: Secrets to Increased Sales and Satisfied Customers

Virtual assistants are crucial in the smart digital age, transforming consumer interactions. They change the way customers use devices. With business expansion and technological advancements, companies seek enhanced potential. Around 58% of consumers use voice search to find nearby businesses.

The projected value of the chatbot market is close to $7 billion by 2030. Advanced AI tools, like voice bots, are already revolutionizing customer interactions. These models simulate human dialogue, making communication effortless for users, as they prefer voice search more often. Additionally, such software ensures quick, contextual responses for superior user experiences.

Let’s find out how exactly AI voice-based assistants create a more natural interaction, simplifying the user journey.

Understanding: What Are Voice Chatbots?

Voice chatbots represent an evolution in AI communication tools, changing how customers engage with technology. Unlike standard text-based models, they use natural language processing (NLP). Such software goes beyond typed interactions, changing natural speech conversations. Using advanced NLP, bots mimic human dialogue, facilitating effortless communication.

Today, consumers seek swift and accurate answers about products or services. Furthermore, 71% of individuals expressed a preference for using voice assistants over manual typing for searches. Voice recognition-enabled applications address this need efficiently. They provide instant, contextual responses, ensuring seamless user experiences.

With a voice bot solution, your clients no longer need to adapt to a specific format or command structure. Instead, AI chatbots can converse naturally, simplifying the user experience. This way, customers communicate with voice chatbots as they would in person, receiving voice responses.

The vast majority of common people are already familiar with home voice assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant. Yet, what sets voice bots apart from these assistants?

Key Differences Between Voice Assistants and Voice-Enabled Chatbots

In 2023, around 4.2 billion digital voice assistants are active on global devices. Predictions indicate that by 2024, their count will surge to 8.4 billion units, surpassing the world’s population.

Both voice chatbots and assistants use natural language processing to comprehend speech. Despite this similarity, they differ in various aspects. Now, let’s explore the distinctions between these models.

There are two primary categories of voice-enabled chatbots — bots and assistants. AI voice chat support models upgrade text-based bots with speech components. They are assistants incorporating AI. Voice-controlled bots provide advanced functions like setting alarms or controlling homes. They operate through voice commands, resembling Siri or Alexa.

Voice chatbots offer seamless browsing help, catering to user inquiries instantly. As reliance on voice interaction grows, traditional text inputs lose efficiency. They rise as a remedy to this evolving challenge, available constantly. Such models provide immediate responses, making them highly appealing for users. Enhancing client experiences, such chatbots play a key role in customer support convenience.

Voice assistants easily control smart devices through voice commands, facilitating convenience. They operate locally on devices like smart speakers, ensuring reliable performance. Additionally, these assistants serve as interfaces for interacting with various platforms and apps. Moreover, users can create automated routines based on specific parameters for efficiency. It’s no wonder that voice search assistants typically address an average of 93.7% of search inquiries.

Voice Chatbot Use Cases

Voice bot Use Cases

Call Centers

Call centre chatbots streamline inquiries, cut down on operational costs, and enhance efficiency. They offer 24/7 availability, reducing wait times and improving customer satisfaction. Automated handling lowers the burden on live agents, optimizing resource allocation.

Hospitality Voice Tech uses Amazon Chime SDK’s integration with Amazon Lex and Polly to power Emma. It’s an AI voice bot conversing naturally and intelligently with hotel guests. The software seamlessly integrates with most hotel phone systems, ensuring guest-friendly usability.

Automating common queries ensures prompt service amidst labor shortages. Hotels employing Emma witness 30% of guest inquiries. Voice recognition chatbot resolves issues without human intervention. Any other requests are directed to the relevant staff. This system reduces guest calls, delivers quicker responses, and gains valuable insights into guest requirements.


The anticipated value of the healthcare chatbots sector is estimated at $543 million by 2026. Approximately 52% of U.S. patients acquire health information from bots. Moreover, worldwide, they play a role in saving up to $3.6 billion.

Voice chatbots aid in appointment scheduling, reducing administrative workload, and enhancing accessibility. They provide instant responses, improving patient care and engagement significantly. Efficient symptom assessments and medication reminders optimize workflows and patient interactions.

Voice bots are beneficial for users with special needs. For instance, customers with limited mobility can use voice apps to perform various tasks hands-free. A visually impaired person can use such models to listen and interact with various information. They can access news updates, weather forecasts, and control smart home devices. All these tasks are available by using simple voice commands. Moreover, voice bots are much more convenient for these users, as they enhance their independence.


Voice AI chatbots enhance customer support, boost sales, and improve user experience satisfaction. Personalized product recommendations increase cross-selling and upselling opportunities, raising revenue. Moreover, such software helps with order tracking and swift information delivery, which improves client retention.

Walmart Voice is a great voice assistant example. The app learns buyers’ preferred products, brands, and quantities to make shopping much easier using voice capabilities. The client just communicates their needs via short speech, and the application handles the rest.

The service operates around the clock and suggests favorite items or preferred brands. Shoppers can conveniently make purchases from any location without having to wait in line. Walmart’s customers have the option to choose Walmart Voice for Google Assistant or Siri.

Banking and Finance

Did you ever think that chatbots in financial services could save customers around 4 minutes per query? Additionally, 43% of banking clients favor resolving issues using chatbots.

Voice chatbots in Banking provide easy, secure financial management through speech. These bots facilitate transactions, check balances, offer investment advice, and provide quick support. They let your clients access account statements, inquire about loans, and manage budgets effortlessly. Seamless integration ensures safe and convenient banking experiences for users.

WaFd Bank wanted to boost its contact center’s customer experience. They partnered with AWS and Talkdesk teams, introducing a new solution. This AI-driven system employs voice biometrics for client authentication, enabling voice-based banking and preventing fraud.

Furthermore, the system automates displaying user account details for agents. This aids swift call resolution and increases call volumes handled. Self-service virtual agents address 20% of calls without live agent involvement. For instance, account balance inquiries take just 28 seconds, a 90% time reduction from 4.5 minutes.

WaFd previously used separate systems for voice and chat interactions. This led to unattended chat messages until they integrated chatbots and voice bots. These systems now smoothly escalate chats to agent-assisted calls.

Furthermore, WaFd incorporates Amazon Polly into chatbots for natural voice communication. They expect cost savings and reduced call abandonment with this AI solution. Such improvements focus on prompt banking transactions to enhance overall satisfaction.

Don’t miss the opportunity to improve your service and potential revenue growth; contact Master of Code Global for a consultation!

Voice Chatbot Benefits for Business

Voice bot Benefits for Business

The benefits of chatbots for business are obvious. They excel in various sectors, making work approach more strategic and customer-oriented. In this section, we will discuss the advantages this software offers your company.

Collect and Analyze Data

Voice chatbots excel at collecting and processing vast amounts of information from interactions. They gather valuable data, including customer preferences, frequently asked questions, and common issues. Businesses get actionable insights from real-time data analysis for informed decisions. This proactive approach helps in refining products or services, enhancing user experiences, and strategizing future initiatives.

Omnichannel Capabilities

Chatbots with voice input operate across multiple communication channels, ensuring a unified user experience. Whether through voice calls, messaging apps, websites, or social media platforms, these models provide a cohesive interaction regardless of the channel. This capability empowers your business to meet clients wherever they are. Such programs will foster convenience and enhance customer engagement.

Save Costs

Implementing AI voice chatbots significantly reduces operational expenses. These AI-driven systems handle numerous queries simultaneously, mitigating the need for extensive human resources. By automating routine tasks and providing efficient self-service options, they save business costs. Additionally, it cuts query response times, improving resource allocation efficiency.

Enhance Productivity

As we mentioned earlier, AI-based voice assistants are good at resolving routine customer inquiries swiftly. Their capacity to manage different requests at once frees up human agents. This enables them to address more intricate matters that need personalized attention. Consequently, these bots let employees concentrate on crucial tasks, innovation, and strategic planning.

Increase Sales

It’s not a secret that chatbots drive sales by delivering personalized assistance to potential clients. Customized advice, purchase guidance, and swift query responses enhance customer journeys. Moreover, providing seamless sales support nurtures satisfaction, trust, and increased conversions.

Voice Chatbot Benefits for Customers

Voice bot Benefits for Customers

Voice chatbots offer customers invaluable assistance, efficiently addressing queries and providing relevant information. They ensure clients feel supported and valued by delivering solutions. Here we will delve into some benefits for consumers and examples of using voice ordering features.

Immediate Help

Customers benefit from voice bots by receiving invaluable help promptly. Bots’ capability to comprehend and cater to various needs enhances satisfaction.

To exemplify this use case, let’s take a look at Uber Eats. They introduced a voice ordering feature via Google Assistant. Users ask for dishes from specific restaurants through Uber Eats using the voice command.

When requesting food, it automatically activates the app. The assistant confirms choices and adjusts as asked before finalizing. This feature initially launches globally on Android devices. Currently, voice ordering is available in English, with more languages rolling out soon.

With voice activated AI, consumers can order meals, snacks, and necessities easily. By saying “OK Google,” they can order a restaurant meal on Uber Eats.

Voice ordering is now a part of the new Uber Eats service. The company is also testing deliveries to seats at sports stadiums and venues for event-goers who prefer not to leave their seats.

24/7 Availability

Voice chatbots extend continuous support, available round the clock. Customers appreciate the convenience of accessing assistance at any time, regardless of the hour or time zone. Immediate responses ensure satisfaction, enhancing reliability and fostering brand trust. It showcases the brand’s commitment to exceptional customer service reliability.

Personalized Approach

Customers receive personalized interactions from voice chatbots that meet their preferences. Utilizing data, these systems offer tailored recommendations, enhancing engagement. This approach not only streamlines interactions but also strengthens the relationship between the consumer and the brand.

Reasons to Choose Master of Code Global as a Service Provider

One of the initial steps in adopting any software involves choosing a vendor. Master of Code Global stands out for the various factors. Renowned for AI solutions, it excels in chatbots and Generative AI development. The company’s expertise assures an innovative and tailored approach for clients from various fields. If you’re considering voice AI for business, take a look at the advantages of partnering with MOCG.

Customized AI Solutions

Master of Code Global team specializes in customizing AI solutions to meet specific business needs. We skillfully match AI chatbots with the unique voices of brands, ensuring that the targeting of the audience is highly effective. This method ensures solutions align with companies’ requirements, resonating with them. Each project is customized to the client’s needs, addressing customer pain points efficiently.

Continuous Improvement

Master of Code Global prioritizes AI chatbots’ ongoing development influenced by user input. The company values enhancing chatbots through user feedback for accuracy and updates. This approach ensures that responses remain accurate and current. As a result, your users enjoy a constantly improving chatbot experience.

User-Centric Design

Conversation design is central, with intuitive and user-friendly interfaces. MOCG has years of experience and aims to solve business and user queries effectively​. This design philosophy ensures smooth interactions.

Data Privacy and Security

Master of Code Global uses advanced encryption for security. Compliance with GDPR and HIPPA is strictly maintained. These measures ensure user data protection, fostering trust and safety across our AI solutions. Additionally, MOCG has ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification, which means that data you share is secured. These factors prove that the company meets the standards and could be a reliable vendor.

Seamless System Integration

Our models seamlessly integrate with multiple systems and APIs. The integration enhances the chatbot’s functionality. Moreover, this results in a more dynamic and effective user experience.

To grow in this changing environment, applying innovative technologies is crucial. At Master of Code Global, we craft tailored voice bot solutions according to your unique business needs. Our advanced use of NLP, NLU, and Generative AI enriches customer interactions. By interpreting voice inputs, generating intelligent responses, and enabling real-time communication, we bridge human-machine gaps. This ensures your business remains at the forefront of the digital world.

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