Healthcare Multi-
Platform Solution

Revolutionizing Hospital Management: Digital Experience that Skyrocketed Healthcare Revenue x15 in 2 Years

Healthcare SaaS offers real-time analytics for facility assets.

This developed solution is part of a leading Software Company specializing in intelligent asset management solutions. With over 20 years in the business and more than 12,000 clients, they offer world-class innovative software for healthcare, manufacturing, governmental, educational, and other verticals.

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  • x15

    revenue growth in
    two years
  • 162,000+

    assets in the portfolio
  • 600+

    users on all platforms


How did we assist the customer in building robust software capable of processing vast amounts of data and delivering results within seconds?

Master of Code Global was approached by a healthcare technology startup with the goal of revolutionizing the maintenance and management of hospital facilities. The client had developed a proprietary database and health index solution but required a dependable and scalable software platform to integrate their technology and engineering services. This is where Master of Code Global stepped in.

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What We Created

Master of Code Global developed a Multi-Platform Solution for healthcare and other industries that streamlines everyday asset maintenance routines and offers sophisticated tools for operational and capital planning.

By integrating a multi-source reference database, proprietary software, and a health index solution with engineering services and compliance knowledge, Healthcare Multi-Platform Solution empowers the control of hospital facilities. It offers automated tools for forecasting capital expenditure, modeling various investment levels, and proactively optimizing investments.

Being a multi-platform solution, it includes:

  • A web application for clients and admins;
  • Assessment application for iPad;
  • API for integrating with 3rd-party CMMS;
  • Optional FTP integration.
healthcare create section image
healthcare create section image

Being a multi-platform solution, it includes:

The Master of Code Global team spent 6 years developing and tuning this product: 2 years for an MVP, followed by 4 years of further product development based on the end customer's needs and product support requirements.

In summary, the product development encompassed major phases such as:

  • Development of the core web application;
  • Development of the mobile application;
  • The 1st version of the Forecast and Budgeting modules;
  • 3rd-party integrations via API and FTP;
  • The enhanced and revised 2nd version of the Forecast module.

Throughout the development process, we kept the codebase up to date, constantly upgrading the technology stack to the newest versions whenever it was necessary.

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Technologies We Leveraged

  • Backend Technology
    • technology_icon Ruby
    • technology_icon Java
    • Frontend Technology
      • technology_icon AngularJS
    • Cloud provider
      • technology_icon AWS
  • Tableau Analytics
    • technology_icon Analytics
  • Mobile technology
    • technology_icon Swift
    • technology_icon Objective-C

Services we performed

Master of Code Global was owning the full software development life cycle, which included:

  • Project management
  • Business analysis – Design work –Technical leadership
  • Quality assurance
  • Application security assurance
  • Technical copywriting
  • Tier 2 and Tier 3 support.


  • x15

    revenue growth in
    two years
  • 30

    up to 30 hospitals using Healthcare
    Multi-Platform Solution
  • 600+

    users on all
  • 162,000+

    assets in the
Up-and-Coming award Up-and-Coming award from the Michigan Venture Capital Association

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