Simplifying Brand Chatbot Development through Reuse and Optimization Strategies

BotFactory was created to build an end-to-end cross-functional team for a customer's conversational AI and bot building platform. Our experienced developers combined their skills with our conversational commerce expertise to create a primary company conversational center of excellence.

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We had a few challenges that we have successfully solved. Firstly, there was a business need to increase the sales of the chatbot automations to the customers and the effectiveness for this business solution. Another challenge was to optimize the development of a brand chatbot by reusing what has been developed.

As a company we had our own goal to build a self-organized team of experts that can be easily scaled to support the growing stream of the projects with different complexity.

What We Created


What We Created

We were able to review the chatbots that were requested by the customers and create the bot templates that can be reused by the end clients which significantly has downscaled the development effort.

There is also a bot constructor tool that was created that helps the development team to build bots as it has all common approaches & functionalities that are used by 90% of custom developed bots.

Additionally we helped to prepare the NLU knowledge bases for various business domains like crypto and telco. Internally the team has worked on the coding best practices and team processes that made the dynamic development process smooth.

Technologies We Leveraged

We are working mostly with the client bot development platform integrating it with the third-party services and brand CRMs/custom APIs using Node.JS/Javascript (like Salesforce, Zendesk, Watson AI etc).

  • Node JS

    Node JS

  • Salesforce


  • Zendesk


  • Watson AI

    Watson AI


Now we have a team that is experienced in chatbot delivery, conversational design and bot tuning as a E2E service. The team has already created the chatbots for 50+ brands with the current capacity of 10 chatbots being developed in parallel for top Fortune 500 brands.

  • 50+

    brands involved the team in bot creation

  • 80+

    chatbots created over the year

  • 40%

    of time reduced for bot creation

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