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Personalized eCommerce chatbot using Generative AI to drive user engagement

Founded in 2015, is a floral subscription company offering fresh handpicked bouquets on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis from sustainable farms around the globe. BloomsyBox disrupted the floral industry by offering the first farm-to-table floral subscription directly sourced by their own farms, revolutionizing the way fresh flowers are sent.

BloomsyBox Chatbot Case Study BloomsyBox Chatbot Case Study
  • 60%

    Users who engaged with the bot completed the quiz
  • 28%

    Users got all the answers correct and won a free bouquet
  • 78%

    Winners claimed their prize


How can we enhance the brand’s gift-giving experience while prioritizing customer satisfaction and offering a safe and enjoyable way to use Generative AI?

BloomsyBox was looking to provide a gift-giving experience like never before. The brand wanted to launch an effective Mother's Day campaign that focussed on building even stronger relationships with their customers by creating a highly personalized experience. This was a collaborative effort with our partners, Infobip.

BloomsyBox eCommerce Chatbot Case Study BloomsyBox eCommerce Chatbot Case Study

What We Created

Generative AI eCommerce Chatbot

For the campaign, the BloomsyBox eCommerce chatbot asked users five questions daily, with the first 150 users answering all questions correctly, winning a free bouquet.

Personalized Customer Experiences

Master of Code Global, in partnership with Infobip, developed the first-ever Generative AI chatbot that creates unique personalized greeting cards.

We used our LLM Orchestration Framework Toolkit (LOFT) to integrate Generative AI to help winners generate one-of-a-kind, specially curated messages for their moms, ranging from humorous and fun to heartfelt and loving.

BloomsyBox Generative AI Chatbot Case Study BloomsyBox Generative AI Chatbot Case Study

Technologies We Leveraged

  • Channel

    tech icon for Business

    Apple Messages
    for Business

  • Cloud provider

    tech icon AWS


  • LLM provider

    tech icon OpenAI API

    OpenAI API

  • Bot building platform

    tech icon Infobip Answers

    Infobip Answers

Backend Technology

  • tech icon python


  • tech icon

    MOC Global’s

How we did it

  • MOCG’s collaboration with Infobip and BloomsyBox has paved the way for a groundbreaking project that combines MOCG strengths and expertise in conversational AI solutions
  • This partnership has not only fostered creativity but also signifies MOCG’s shared commitment to delivering GPT-powered conversational experiences
  • To generate personalized messages, we used LLM Orchestration Framework Toolkit (LOFT):
  • Real-time Injections
  • LLM Model Responses Controlling and Filtering
BloomsyBox eCommerce Chatbot Personalized Flow BloomsyBox eCommerce Chatbot Personalized Campaign


  • 60%

    Users who engaged with the bot completed the quiz
  • 28%

    Users got all the answers correct and won a free bouquet
  • 38%

    Users chose Generative AI to generate a personalized greeting card for them
  • 78%

    Winners claimed their prize

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