The Price of Making an App

calendar Updated December 05, 2022
The Price of Making an App

One of the lead questions on the minds of customers that are driven by their ideas is the cost of developing an app. Ask any iOS and Android application development companies, and they’ll tell you that irrespective of the country that the customer is from and their company, they are all looking for a good quality, relatively low-price application.

The mobile app development cost depends on multiple factors – that is an understood fact. What we are unaware of is what we expect to pay for our fancy new application and what you actually end up paying for.

A View Of App Development Costs Around The Globe

The best way to consider the money that you are willing to pay in the app development is to view it as an investment given and an investment returned. Simply put, consider the return on investment that the application will be able to produce. If it does nicely in this regard, it is worthwhile to invest in the app. So how do you estimate the costs of having an application developed and equate its earning to your future expenses? When you are looking to do that, you are best advised to pick the expertise before choosing the price.

While this may be a no brainer, you might end up wondering what the difference is between each development company that claims to be the best mobile application developers.

You need to understand that even if you are 100% sure that your app will get your money back, you should only go for an expensive company. It is often misunderstood that high price is equal to good quality. Since there are lots of other factors that need to be minded. Much like high price doesn’t equal quality; low price will not always lead to excellent results. Having said that, let’s take a look at the map from the standpoint of rates per hour.

  • Programmers that are based in Australia and USA tend to charge somewhere in the region of $50 to $150 an hour.
  • In Britain, UK developers are charging rates of around £60 to £70 while other developers around Western Europe seem to charge the same amount in a more depreciated Euro.
  • Eastern Europe developers are happy with an hourly salary of $25 to $50.
  • Indian developers on the other hand offer their services for an hourly rate of $8 to $30.


The Dilemma Of Outsourcing Vs Local development

Making an app locally is something that makes sense primarily because it allows for better communication. It is easier to explain your needs in a face to face communication and to be able to literally feel and touch something before paying for it.

The other side of the picture is development of an app using outsourcing. While it may seem hard to communicate with a team of developers that are making an app for you across an ocean, it is not impossible. Remote teams of developers that have high expertise individuals and developers can cost less than and perform much better than the local developer companies. Finding a remote company is not that hard a task. If you are able to find an international company that is trustworthy, has the right abilities and skills, and can manage the communication difficulties, then they are worth the investment.

How Much Does It Cost To Make An App According To Its Complexity?

Here is a lowdown on the costs that are involved in the development of Android/ iPhone apps. One of the leading factors that the price is counted with is the time spent on the development of the application. Here is a classification using hours.

  • A basic app made with simple functionality will take around 300 hours on its development. Examples of such applications can be apps developing table view, RSS feeds, and other functionality apps like Talking Emoji etc.
  • An app with a middle level of complexity 400 to 600 hours. For example, apps for booking for events etc.
  • A complex app will take time in excess of 600 hours. Examples of such applications include dating apps and social networks, etc.

What Is The Cost Of App Development?

When you go to a professional app development company, you cannot expect them to tell you the price of the app to be developed right off the bat. App development is not done according to any set rate list and it all depends on the type of the app and a number of other factors.

Before a company sends you the app development bill, they will estimate the approximate number of hours needed to implement the product fit for your specifications. Once that is done, the company has a rough estimate cost that it can present to the customer. What should be noted is that it is all negotiable and concessions can be made to help it fit into the budget.

NOTE: There can often be some unplanned development changes that would need to be introduced by you. Hence, you need to take such costs into account and plan for a budget with the inclusion of an added expense section.

Once the rough estimate is approved by the client, the company proceeds with a detailed estimate that identifies the scope of each of the work aspect planned. This is then put into models and shown to the customer.


Pricing Policy And The Role Of The App’s Type

Applications can come in different types, some being complex while others are basic. The basic of course cost less than the custom ones that have advanced and detailed tools and processes. Any development app for custom solutions is carefully scrutinized by its developers. Much like other kinds of research, it too needs to time.

A Full Cycle Mobile App Is A Long Term Collaboration

The launching of an app contrary to popular belief is not the end of the mission for the developers. It is only the start of things. To be able to get your expected return on investment, you need to constantly improve and enhance your product.

When you are budgeting and planning for the application, you need to make plans for support, maintenance, and optimization of the application after its release. According to metrics data analysis app development continuation is needed to increase your businesses value. The importance of this app development stage can be seen by fact that it will take more developer time after the release of the app than what was taken before it.

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