SellanApp Case Study

calendar Updated September 25, 2023
Lena Perekopskaya
Project Manager
SellanApp Case Study

Master of Code truly became a part of our team.

The Problem

Companies don’t know what apps to build. Aernoud Dekker, CEO and founder of SellanApp sees the problem clearly:

Everyone wants an app. It’s similar to the emergence of the internet when everyone wanted a website. But not every app should be built. The big question in all new development remains, will this meet a need?

The Solution

Developing apps using crowdfunding. SellanApp is a crowdfunding platform for both B2B and B2C communities. The platform connects people with app ideas, pledgers who fund the ideas, and developers who make the apps reality. Creating, developing, and implementing an app idea is possible for anyone with a good idea and strong business case. Over pledging is not possible in the platform (most crowdfunding sites enable users to collect more money than necessary for the development of a product).

Our expertise was put towards developing the web platform and PHP-based API that connects the web platform with the iPad. The MOC team members who worked on the project included Lena Perekopskaya, Pavel Dvoinos, Vladimir Ovcharenko, Dima Piskovoy, Daniel Sinelnikov, and HelenaKhudyna.

The Partnership

Collaborating internationally. SellanApp chose to work with Master of Code because of our readily available technical expertise and our willingness to partner in making this platform reality.

Aernoud’s perspective about the process:

During the development process there was always an open line with Master of Code developers in the Ukraine. You don’t just know what they do for you, but also who they are and what drives them. Master of Code truly became a part of our team.

SellanApp is a successful project. Paul Pietjouw, the CEO of MoC Netherlands, thinks it’s a great project for the industry:

SellanApp is a very innovative idea that seamlessly fits in with the next web world.

As of this writing, 278 app ideas have been proposed, over $25,000 has been pledged, 3 ideas are being developed, and 1 is being submitted to the app store soon.

Our team followed through with true craftsmanship from the testing phase to the finished product of the SellanApp platform. What SellanApp dreamed, we helped make reality.

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