Bot Hackathon Summary: Get Started

calendar Updated September 25, 2023
Alyona Oliynyk
Bot Hackathon Summary: Get Started

This year we introduced something special to graduate students from our Summer Coding Camp initiated by Masters Academy: students teamed up to put their bot ideas into production during the Chatbot Hackathon.

Chatbot Hackathon Participants
Chatbot Hackathon participants

Throughout the day of August 19, thirteen teams worked on the creation of virtual assistants for Telegram: bots for activities like ordering food, booking tables at restaurants and purchasing tickets for cultural events. Read below about all four winners’ projects.

1st Place – a Bot for Cinemaholics

The team implemented a chatbot which helps users discover film listings, film times and facilitate ticket booking. When booking a seat you can view a room scheme and seats available, and make a call to the cinema hall. The bot gets the information directly from cinema sites.

A Bot For Cinemaholics

Cinemaholics also have the opportunity to get movie recommendations and film descriptions from the bot. For example, if you ask the chatbot for the best movies of 2017, you will receive the top results from the IMDB website which is used as the main source of the cinema-related information.

The key feature of the virtual assistant is Machine Learning. If your query has typos, the bot will understand it anyway. To implement ML the team used (Dialogflow).

2nd Place – a Chatbot for Table Reservation in the Bar “Cheerful Raccoon”

With this virtual assistant, you can book a table in the Cheerful Raccoon bar by choosing a place in the hall and specifying the number of guests. Active bookings with the number of guests and date availability can be viewed in the list. If your plans have changed, you can cancel the reservation via the chatbot.

Another function of the bot is the ability to view the menu and the comment book of complaints and suggestions. You are also able to add your own post. Since the bar is in the woods, the team took care of the convenience of finding the place: you can see the location in the bot and create a route on Google Maps.

Chatbot for Table Reservation

3rd Place — a Lead Generator for the London Theater

The bot provides users the opportunity to view performance listings and book tickets. Events are sorted by date for your convenience. Also, there is ML integrated for a better understanding of user requests.

Chatbot Hackathon - Lead Generator Team

The bot’s unique factor is that it doesn’t have its own database. It is integrated with the site, and the stability of its performance entirely depends on the web resource. All of the data is being imported from API and <iframe>.

The Spectator Favorite — a Bot for Booking Festival Tickets

With this chatbot you can find detailed information about a certain festival including lineups, information about musicians, a gallery that will take you to the web view, cities that host the festival and the locations where the event will take place. The virtual assistant informs you how many tickets are left and helps you make a reservation. There are several options for booking available in the bot: one-day passes, a two-day passes and all days passes. Tickets can be picked up at the ticket office of the host city.

Masters Academy is an educational project that gives not only a theoretical basis but also a passion for continuous self-development, teamwork skills, and understanding of real project development. Here at Master of Code, we believe that the best learning is done in practice!

Bot for Booking Festival Tickets
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