“Management is relationships.” Mentors of “Project Management Intensive Course” are all about company culture

calendar Updated December 05, 2022
Alyona Oliynyk
“Management is relationships.” Mentors of “Project Management Intensive Course” are all about company culture

There is a special company culture found at Master of Code Global that brings together all team members, or masters, as we call ourselves. It extends to all areas of MOC life, including educational projects. We bring our own meaning into learning: it is not only the transfer of knowledge from a mentor to a student but also the opportunity to share experiences and outlook.

Company culture is a background that helps newcomers joining the team: it is important for us that they feel comfortable in the team and vice versa. Applicants should have special traits and approach to the work.

Master of Code is a technological partner of many world-famous brands. This requires the team to generate new ideas and implement them on a regular basis. We strive not only to reveal our own potential, but also to participate in the life and development of others. That’s why Masters Academy was initiated. We use our expertise to provide an understanding of the IT profession: how to build a knowledge base, improve skills, get a career started and maximize efficiency. Students and people who want to change their field of activity can enroll in courses.

MOC masters and mentors of «Level Up: Project Management Intensive Course» share how they see a project manager.

Management is a combination of leadership and relationships. They entail responsibility, which can only be carried by an emotionally mature person. The leader should not only develop themselves, but also help the team members open up their potential during project development. This should be done in order to create conditions in which everyone can manifest the best version of themselves. It is important to respect others, think globally, and help solve problems rather than create them.

A conscious decision to become a manager will help one to enjoy self-development and will give an endless internal motivation which has no expiration date, unlike financial.

There is a stereotype of PMs saying that they should be extroverts My experience proves that this simply is not true. The main thing is to continue being friendly and keep business relationships balanced. There are moments when a manager should be very clear with his words and actions. It is very important to feel such moments because it makes you competent in the eyes of others.

It may seem that the PM has no right to make a mistake – that is not true. A person in this profession makes a lot of difficult decisions and it is normal that not all of them are perfect. This should not discredit you. Mistakes need to be analyzed and minimized for the future in order for you to learn and grow professionally.

A common problem with  PMs is the time that is wasted on solving tiny, irrelevant issues. It is necessary to pay attention to time optimization by giving team members more responsibility for the processes. The manager is responsible for two main things: overall project success and team development during work on the project.  To achieve both goals it is important to be able to see the big picture regarding what the team is aiming to accomplish and to shares vision effectively with each member and the client. Also, do not forget about your own development: search for new technologies and trends and discover your weaknesses, then work to improve them. After all, you and your dream team have to be better from day to day in the context of things that you do.

A project manager is a point of contact where the communication between a client and the technical team connects, and mutual understanding depends on their communicative abilities. Sometimes it’s not easy to achieve understanding and that is when stress relief and the ability to negotiate and make compromises will come to the rescue.  Discipline is also important because its absence significantly reduces productivity and worsens relationships: being late to meetings with the team or calls with a client is disrespectful.

A deep knowledge of technologies is a plus, but not a necessity; it is enough to be able to know their basics. Knowledge of business allows sharing with the team the correct understanding of the importance and benefits of the future product, to inspire developers to work. It is easy to motivate with money, but this motivation is temporary. A person does not feel happier because of numbers but by knowing that their solutions are being used in the real world and inspiring positive change in people’s lives.

When you are very concerned about the project, you want to do everything in the best way possible. During such moments you need to be careful not to get carried away with perfectionism: the desire to make everything perfect leads to failing deadlines, burying yourself in details, and negatively affects your mental health.

When working with people you should not be biased: your personal opinion about someone should not affect business relationships, it’s unprofessional. Be open to others and their thoughts and suggestions, as it will provide you with additional insight.

The masters follow the listed principles because they increase productivity and help to find an understanding in relations between the team and a client. 

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